Activity Custom Fields

How to create, edit and report on Activity Custom Fields

Activity Ratings

Activity Ratings allow Users to give feedback against Activities on your LMS

Certification Regime

This section includes everything you need to know to use the Certification Regime Wizard.

CPD Schemes

How to set up and edit your own CPD Schemes


How to use the Finance area within the LMS

Form Templates

How to change create, edit and manage Form Templates

Job Roles

How to create Job Roles, defining the key tasks and responsibilities and assigning to Users

Manage organisations and user accounts

Customising user portlets, login as a user and manage user accounts

Mandatory Training

How to manage and configure mandatory training activities


For guides on managing permissions on the LMS

Personal Custom Fields

Create and manage Personal Custom Fields

Person Categories

Create, manage and assign person categories


How to create professional qualifications within the LMS to be applied to User Accounts

Responsibilities Maps

How to set-up and configure Responsibilities Maps to support the Senior Managers Regime


How to create and manage Spaces within the Resources area of the LMS

Sliding Banners

How to manage the banner images that appear on the LMS’s homepage

User Groups

Create and manage User Groups

Other Site Settings

How to create themes, add site logos, enable the mobile app and more