Getting started with Unicorn Help

Here you will find guidance on how to use Unicorn Help

Onboarding as a new Administrator

All you need to get started as an Administrator with the Unicorn LMS including creating accounts, training pathways and registering your users on to training activities

How the Unicorn LMS supports the Senior Managers and Certification Regime

In this section we guide you through using all the tools and features available to support you with the SM&CR. We are currently working on the selection of guides and will continue to add these as soon as they become available.

Release note updates

Learn what's new in the Unicorn LMS. We aim to publish release notes monthly to share key updates and improvements to the LMS. We therefore strongly recommend Administrators subscribe to our blog to receive email notifications when we publish the latest release note. Copy and paste in to your browser to find the latest release note and click on Follow on this page

How do I navigate the site?

Find your way around the Unicorn LMS


Details about the Unicorn webinar-based training

Video guides

A complete list of all of our video guides demonstrating how to carry out a variety of administration tasks on the Unicorn LMS

Getting Started with Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD)

Here you will find useful information on IDD and a walkthrough video to get you started